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Re: PC: Re: Penn Central Mohawks?

Mester123 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> PC Mohawks in the Hudson Valley?  Since when did a Mohawk run in the Hudson
> Valley under Penn Central? Are we talking about the same things here?  Mohawk
> as in the New York Central's name for a Mountain steam locomotive?
> I'm completely lost!

John.....don't worry....it's a joke..... :-)

The start of this thread was about models of equipment that PC never
owned, and it took off from there. No Mohawks ever operated with worms
on the tender. (And Commodore Vanderbilt would probably roll in his
grave if they ever did....)

ObPC: I visited the New York & Lake Erie RR in Gowanda, NY, last
weekend, and got photos of their ex-CR, ex-PC C425. It has CR stenciled
on the radiator, but part of the word "CENTRAL" is still on the hood,
and the PC worms are fading through on the nose. And while we're on the
topic of steam, a few miles up the line in Hamburg, NY, is a PRR I-1
class 2-10-0. I think the steamer is in better shape than the PC Alco...

Also, on the topic of the NYC: On the same trip, I was photographing
Metro-North mud missiles at Peekskill, NY, and I saw in the river the
remains of what looked like an old wharf. On what looked like a wall
of a shed on that wharf, just above the water line, was a faded NYC
emblem. Neat.....


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