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PC: Re: My latest project

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From: MR PETER A KING <BGXX32A -AT- prodigy.com>

>Today's project - a pair of HO PC FA-2s. Proto 2000 FA-2s
>conveniently come painted black. I'm making a pair of them into PC
>units. One will be number 1302, the last PC FA-2 operating. The other
>will be #1350, supposedly the only one with a red 'P'.
>I haven't been able to find pictures of PC-painted FA-2s. PC Power
>only shows FA-1s, the FA-2s in the book are all painted NYC. I'm
>assuming the 1302 made it to PC paint, so I'm basing my decal job on
>photos of the FA-1s. The 1350 must have made it, since it's listed as
>a red 'P' unit. Again, I'm basing it on the FA-1s.
>Peter King in NY

Based on PC System Bi-Annual and various issues of X2200South, it appears
that FA2s #1345,1349 and 1350 were the only ones painted PC, and #3393 the
only FB2.  #1350 was repainted with the red P as reported in Penn Central
Power and X2200 South.  #1350 was repainted in June '68 and retired a month
later !  The other two were retired by the end of 1968.  If these are the
only three painted PC, their very short career in PC paint may be why photos
are so hard to come by.
#1302 ended it's career with the NYC marked painted over with only the
roadnumber and cigar band stripe remaining.  See Penn Central Power page 17,
bottom photo.
I have only been able to find photos of #3393 in PC paint.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
TRLINK -AT- netcom.ca

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