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PC: My latest project

Today's project - a pair of HO PC FA-2s. Proto 2000 FA-2s 
conveniently come painted black. I'm making a pair of them into PC 
units. One will be number 1302, the last PC FA-2 operating. The other 
will be #1350, supposedly the only one with a red 'P'.

I haven't been able to find pictures of PC-painted FA-2s. PC Power 
only shows FA-1s, the FA-2s in the book are all painted NYC. I'm 
assuming the 1302 made it to PC paint, so I'm basing my decal job on 
photos of the FA-1s. The 1350 must have made it, since it's listed as 
a red 'P' unit. Again, I'm basing it on the FA-1s.

Peter King in NY    

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