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PC: July 4th 1851/1855

     "News of the excursion had spread over the surrounding county and
     for two days before the scheduled time for its arrival curious
     sight-seers were seen coming into Anderson, some of them from
     points several miles distant, to see the curiosity of coaches
     drawn over rails by a steam engine. Hotels and boarding houses
     were taxed to their utmost capacity and near the wagon bridge
     over the White river, north of town, a camp was established by
     those who were unable to find better accommodations. Buildings in
     the town were decorated with flags and bunting and every thing
     possible was done to make July 4th a red letter day in the city's
     calendar. As the hour for the arrival of the train approached a
     number of people, unable to restrain their impatience, walked
     some two miles down the track toward Indianapolis in order to
     catch an early view of the excursion. When the train came in
     sight the engineer sounded a few shrill blasts from the whistle
     as welcome. Consternation reigned among the curious sight-seers
     and they set out with more speed than grace for the "tall timber"
     in search of a place of safety. It is said that one man never
     stopped running until he reached Anderson. After the train had
     been inspected, citizens and excursionists joined in an
     appropriate celebration of the anniversary of national
     independence."     - July 4, 1851 - 

     "On July 4, 1855, just four years after the first train came into
     that town over the Indianapolis & Bellefontaine, an [Cincinnati &
     Chicago Air Line] excursion train of four coaches came up from

     Again the town of Anderson was in gala attire, the people coming
     from all directions to join in the celebration. Perhaps the
     curiosity was not so great as on the former occasion, but there
     were still citizens of Madison county who had not yet seen a
     railroad train and they were very much in evidence."

     (Quoted material from John L. Forkner's "History of Madison
     County Indiana, Volume 1", Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago and
     New York, 1914)

     The Indianapolis & Bellefontaine was to become a substantial part
     of the CCC&StL (NYC) and the second line, the Cincinnati &
     Chicago Air Line was to later become a part the PRR. Both became
     a part of Conrail and both were to play a significant role in the
     development of Madison County Indiana. As railroads have such a
     key place in U.S. history, I salute the men and women of these
     railroads and their successor, Conrail and all of the men and
     women who have worked and given of themselves to keep the United
     States a free and independent nation.

     Happy 4th of July to all.


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