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Re: PC: PC Decals

> Agreed.  I'd even like to see the friendly worms in green (for trailers and
> road vehicles).

Yup.  MOW stuff and non-rail equipment are wants for me as well.

> Much more importantly, however, whatever we ultimately order, I'd very
> much like to see it run simultaneously in both N and HO scales.  Please
> remember that not all PC-er's are in HO.

O and S scales as well.

On a related tangent....

I have been working on this for some time with no resolution.
Does anyone know if it it possible to get laser printer ink cartridges
with *WHITE* ink.

The idea is that with a scanner, laser printer, image manipulation program
and blank decal film, anyone could produce their own PC decals.

I have done this on several occasions with other colors, and the results
were promising.

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