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Re: PC: Re: PC Decals

> What are the quality and accuracy of Herald King PC decals? I agree that
> the artwork purchase is something that the PCHS should look into, once it
> is properly incorporated.

In my opinion, the Herald King HO decals were *the best* Penn Central
freight car sets available from any maker.

Accurate fonts
Accurate sizes
PC class lettering (X72, H43, 131H etc)
Clean artwork/printing (legible end #'s, dimensional data etc...)
Opaque white ink
Offered specific sets for box cars, flat cars, gondolas, hoppers and
5 different covered hoppers, including black logo/lettering for grey cars.

H/K did produce two locomotive sets, but I prefer the Microscale loco sets,
since I think the Herald King cab numbers are too large. The Microscale
decals also include numberboard and various red P/orange C logos.

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