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Re: PC: PC Hopper

One hopper ain't nothing, how about 10, yep 10 ex PC 50" box cars all 
in the same consist coming into Elkhart going west from the 
ex-NYC/LSMS route from Monroe MI. via Sturgis, White Pigeon, and 
Bristol,IN, actually I believe these trains come through Three Rivers 
now. Anyhow, The Box had 2 plug doors but I couldn't get any closer 
for any identifying marks as to type of box car.... Except I have all 
the #'s so if somebody would be kind enough to let me know what type 
of Box these were I would appreciate it. Oh and none of the NYC 
equipment books I had access to had anything in them that was 
similar.  The #'s were;  281325, 281345, 281322, 281378, 281350, 
281381, 281368, 281374, 281327, 281321 That's all folks. Oh and the 
cars are still sitting in the Robert Young Yard as of this writing so 
if you are close to Elkhart and want to see em I wouldn't wait any 
longer than Sunday.....


From:          Icepengwyn <Icepengwyn -AT- aol.com>
Date:          Fri, 20 Mar 1998 22:17:41 EST
To:            penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
Subject:       PC: PC Hopper
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Going westbound on a CR local through Ann Arbor (presumably to the Jiffy Mix
plant) was a PS 3-bay ribside covered hopper.  Looked a little greener than PC
jade green, but the worms were still there.  Couldn't make out the car #
through the trees.

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