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PC: Sighting in Buffalo NY 3/15/98

In the midst of a mixed train seen by me pulling eastbound into Frontier
Yard this morning were 2 interesting things

The PC stuff first - 2 PC gons in extremely bad condition (but still in PC
green and the #'s STILL readable
PC 598362 and PC 597900

Second item of interest 
Freshly shopped and painted Providence and Worster ( I know I am spelling
that wrong) 2010 and 2011 in a nice looking Alco Demonstrator color
scheme, Nice gold and cream colors.

??? for the group---the MT4 and MT6 slugs that conrail uses, were they
built during the PC years or was that a post 4/76 thing.  And if any one
does know what were they built from, I know they were ALCO's, but what
models specifically???

Thanks in advance

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