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Re: PC: decals

>    Not really. Just because they have the PC art work does not mean a
> simple change to Yellow will make the PC logo FL9 size. The "PC" logo on
> the side of an FL9 is an odd ball as it goes from the bottom or frame up to
> the grill. 

Not so. Please look at:

http://www.nycsubway.org/slides/commuter/pcrr5017.jpg (FL9)

> It is the largest logo applied to any PC locomotive and would

The largest worms logo applied to a locomotive were on the E40s (ex NH
EP5's) and the GG1's

Please refer to:

http://www.nycsubway.org/slides/commuter/pcrr4973.jpg   (E40)
http://www.mtp.semi.harris.com/tr_pc4908.jpg  (GG1)

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