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Re: PC: decals

>Rather than bombard microscale with 100 or so requests. (which wouldn't 
>a bad idea to show support for PC decals...)  I think we should attempt 
>compile a list of ideas we would like to see.
>Certainly high on my list would be a freight car data sheet done with 
>PC style block letters.  Microscale currently offers such a sheet, but 
>RR roman or gothic.   Part of this would be an appropriately sized 
>and number jumble for making up car classes.
>What else... Locomotive decals should have a list of the classes, or 
>letters & nummbers needed to assemble the classes. The loco sets should
>also have the location assignment. (Columbus, Selkirk, Harrisburg 
>(What is that called anyway????)
>Anything else?  Passenger cars. Black lettering for the SS cars and 
>and yellow for the painted cars.  Car names would be nice, but we could
>settle for a sheet of the Penn Central font alphabets in the correct
>size. Does anyone have a lettering diagram showing the whole aplhabet?
>Also on my list would be an *entire sheet* of ACI plates.  Failing 
>include an appropriate number of these with each car & loco sheet.  
>now, ACI labels are only available   This would have wide appeal to 
>than just the PC modelers...
I know of a couple things I'd like to see...
     1.  Work train decals.
     2.  FL-9 (yellow and blue scheme)
     3.  Passenger cars
     4.  Cabooses

Maybe I'm just being picky, but since my new switching terminal railroad 
uses PC rolling stock, I just want it to look correct!

--Chris Osterhus

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