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Re: PC: decals

> to cut out each letter if I had to!     What about yellow logos for PC/MTA
> FL-9's?    Anything else?       ----------

I think we would have a hard time justifying the MTA yellow logos to
Microscale. How many people model these, and even those that do don't have
that many.  This particular variation of the PC scheme would probably be
best handled by a company like Champ, Oddballs or Walthers that offer
single car/loco decal sets, rather than Microscale's full sheet of decals.

I have three FL9's on my roster.  Two kitbashed plastic locos wearing the
MTA blue/yellow and one Overland in NH paint.  I made the PC yellow logos
by cutting out the white PC logos from a microscale set and painting them
yellow with an airbrush.  I managed to locate the correct font and color
number set from some other decal maker. (I can check on this if anyone is
interested)  I painted the Overland FL9 using Accu-Paint and Accu-Cals NH
McGinnis decal set.

There were enough Red P logos used to justify their inclusion on the Loco
set. (Probably not Orange C, but it's there...)  Likewise black and yellow
(Or is that buff or beige?) logos for a passenger car set could be justified.

As suggested by others on this list, MOW equipment markings would be a nice
addition.  The Box-S "Stores" logo would be cool. 

It's too bad that Herald King is gone.  IMO, they had the best PC decals
available in terms of quality, accuracy and selection. Hopefully somone
will pick up their artwork and continue production under a different name.

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