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PC: PC Paint, Fuel for the fire...

While compiling some info on E44 electrics, I found an interesting note on
a paint & lettering diagram in the February 1983 issue of Rails Northeast.

On pages 20 & 21 they have reproduced a PRR paint diagram. Part of the
diagram is the notes block that lists out what color everything should be
painted. As we have discussed, the first line reads: 

	Car body to be painted with three (3) coats of dark
	green locomotive paint- PRR #47-2626, DuPont #83-32550

	Chrome Yellow for handrails - PRR #47-2617
	DuPont #81-2350

	All surfaces below cab & hood including trucks 
	Equip boxes, etc (except wheel) to have two (2)
        coats of black enamel - PRR #47-2218, DuPont #613-8113

On Pages 22 & 23 there is the Penn Central version of the paint diagram
dated 1/3/69. Penn Central's thought on how to paint E44s and E33s:

	Cab, hoods, side and end surfaces to be painted with three (3)
	coats dark Green enamel - ref. 47-2666637

	All underframe surfaces including trucks, equipment boxes, etc
	to have two (2) coats of black enamel - ref 47-266806

	Wheels not to be painted.

So, PC specified the E44's should be Dark Green.  Unfortunalety, the paint
numbers don't cross reference. (Too bad the PC diagram didn't list the
DuPont numbers...)  So, how many PC E44 repaints ended up in PRR DGLP?

For additional reference, I'll list the other paints specified for other

		PRR Spec			PC Spec

Cab interior    Suede Grey enamel		Hunter Green enamel
Other interior	not specified			Suede Grey enamel
Cab Floors	Indian Red enamel		Red flintdek non-slip

PRR Keystones, Letters and Numerals to be made from Scotchlite material
All other lettering appear to be 1.5" white stencil or decals.

PC Logo, letters and numerals all painted in white enamel.
Edge of footboards, handholds, grab irons and sections of handrails
(as specified) to be painted with chrome yellow.

Also, the drawing has a note dated 10/15/70 that states "'PC' emblem
dwg. T-87465 changed to E-464776."  Was this the ed P to all white
logo modification?  The photo on page 23 shows PC 4440 wearing a red P

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