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Conrailbob wrote:
> I was in the yard(!) in Cadillac in 1978, I think it was known as the Michigan
> Northern at the time, but I lucked out and got a pic of the last two Baldwin
> Sharks (1205 and 1216) that were on lease. Also found a jordan spreader and
> several rs-2's or -3's on blocks.
> Bob D.

Does anyone know the disposition of these ex-NYC Sharks? When I last saw
them (unphotographable and in storage around 1980) on the Michigan
Northern, one had a cracked coupler pocket and maintenance personnel did
not expect to be able to repair the damage.

The engines were 2 of 18 built for the NYC in 1951/52 as class DFA-8A.
After being traded in to GE in 5/67, they were immediately sold to the
Mongahela Railway -- at that time, an all-Baldwin roster.  The MRY
originally had at least 6, but all were in rough shape, and the last two
were resold to the D&H in 1974.  By about 1979, they were out of

Gary Stuebben
San Antonio, TX

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