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PC: Re: Stanley yard, PC, AA & T&SBY

Stanley yard is still going strong SE of Toledo, good train watching as it is
near CSX's Walbridge yard.  I don't know if there is still any GT action.

Condensed from the Kalmbach Historical Guide:

The DT&I controlled the AA from 1905 to 1910.

Wabash, which was controlled by the Pennsy, took control of the AA in 1925.
This gave the AA the Wabash "Flag" look.

In 1929, Henry Ford sold the DT&I to Pennroad Corp.

In 1951 the Wabash and the Pennsylvania Company, a subsidiary of the Pennsy,
purchased Pennroad's stock in the DT&I.

AA sold in 1963 to DT&I, which was owned by the Wabash and Pennsy.  This is
the "Pumpkin Orange" era.  For a time, several AA GP35's went to the DT&I,
while the AA got DT&I GP7's (AA crews did not like these from what the AA
Historical newsletter says)

In 1965 the Wabash sold it's shares of the DT&I

With CR forming, the DT&I was up for sale.  Sale to GT consumated in 1980, and
then merged into the GT in 1983.  The old DT&I (South of Flat Rock, MI, I
think) is now run by the Indiana & Ohio.

The state of Michigan bought the AA from the DT&I, and formed the Michigan
Interstae.  In 1983 the operation was split into 3, the Michigan Interstae
from Toledo to AA, The TSBY from AA to Alma, and the Michigan Northern from
Alma to Frankfort.  The MN started in 1975 to take over the PC line from Grand
Rapids to Mackinaw City.  TSBY took over the MN in 1984.  In Cadilac, there is
still a GP7 in MN colors that has been sitting there a number of years now.

The current AA runs from Toledo to just north of Ann Arbor.  They have three
ex CR GP-38's numbered 7771 (Builder's # 35400), 7791 (B# 35420), and 7802
(B#35431), all built in 10/69.  Does anyone have the history of these three???

Unofficial news:
Last fall I was up at the Owosso shops (ExAA, now TSBY), and someone working
on the PM steamer said the TSBY may not last another year, they were in pretty
bad shape.  The state of Michigan wanted to put up the track for sale, either
17 or 27 million from what he remembered.  The only really good $$ track is
from Durand to Ann Arbor, which could get the Grand Trunk into Toledo, plus a
few local businesses.  AA wants to get that part back too.

NS currently uses the AA track to get to Toledo from Milan, MI.  This will
probably change after the CR split-up.

Hope this makes things a little more or less murky.


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