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Re: PC: decals


	Do you think they would like to do a 1:1 scale decal set for a PC N11
caboose?  And oh yeah, can they make sure the numbers available are at
least 18526?   ;)

	Just kidding.   I am soon going to be staring down making a set of
stencils to apply to PC N11 caboose #18526 I am restoring for the Rochester
Chapter NRHS's Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum.   Not an easy
task, but I hope I can do them justice.   For the sides of the car, we are
planning to use the large PC logo on one side of the window and then PC
over 18526 on the other side of the window.

	Before any of that happens though, Mother Nature needs to warm things up a
bit so I can sandblast the car before repainting.  

Until later,

R&GV RR Museum

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At 07:20 PM 3/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Spurred on by recent discussions of the lack of PC decals, I asked 
>John Sheridan of Microscale if there was any chance of them making 
>freight or passenger car sets. His response was, "Got any lettering 
>Well, anyone?
>Peter King in NY 

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