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Re: PC: Failed mails

I did not know the Ann Arbor was also later the Michigan Interstate RR and
later T&SB. I heard and saw pictures of these RR's but was not aware they
were a New Ann Arbor operation. Last I saw was pictures of two 7700 series
AA GP38's purchased from CR using the CR numbers. Is Stanley Yard still a
CR Yard? I recall from others it was a busy PC-CR Yard. Don't know about now.

Pennroad appears to be like NW's DERCO a holding company then for EL and DH
that ended with CR. EL engines DH was using the the three DH SD45's EL was
using were returned to their owners at time of CR.
I did not know DTI was purchased by the GT. How about the PDH? use to see
their box cars all the time. I fact I have an O Scale model of one by All
Nation long out of business. Wasn't DTI a part of AA onetime? Their engines
were later similarly painted and lettered.

I did not know MARX offered a PC 2-4-2. About 10 years ago when MARX went
out of business I bought any MARX trainset I can find. I got a KayBee
Hobbies a 70 Ton Switcher in MoPac in a complete set. Do not recall the
name. Its the only MARX set I have. I have one or their RDC's. I believe
K-Line offers the MARX RDC's today as well as the Ex-KMT line of FA-2's and
freight cars.


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