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Re: PC: Black Paint

---Anderson <andersoncn -AT- cbpu.com> wrote:
> R & D Johnson wrote:
> > 
> > ...and isnt it ironic that the Railroad about to assume much of
PC's area
> > uses only black with a white logo.  PC scheme was prophetic.
> > 
> Yep...Back to Black on the Water Level (west of Cleveland, anyway). 
> Just like 'ol times...
> Uncle E
Uncle E:

Yes, it is ironic.  I wish all the best to all that are Conrail
employees that will become NS employees.  I feel that the NS will do
well with their portion of Conrail assuming that the economy does well
and that there aren't serious conditions placed on NS by the STB or
the unions.

Orville Ingram  

(a serious NS fan and stockholder.)
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