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Re: PC: Speculative Modelling, and other topics

The PC and EL and Reading among others still live through there Gons 
and Open hoppers through scrap and coal hauling.
 I with my boys watch these along with rolled steel haulers, some 
grain hoppers and the occasional flat, at the east and west ends of 
the Robert Young yards in Elkhart IN, all the time, We also watch 
mixed freight come through here being hauled by Conrail, NS, CSX, 
BNSF, UP and all its various heralds; CHI. Norwestern, etc, Wisconson 
Central are on the lead a lot.  Somebody maid mention about Conrail 
losing its identity it's been happening for nearly two years around 
here since before the merger was public knowledge and it has made for 
some great railfanning.
I work at the National NYCRR Museum, in Elkhart. We do have a 
website, http://members.tripod.com/~nyc3001/nyc.html, check us out.
Somebody asked about the jade green flats, they were most likely 
MDT-Merchant Despatchm Transportation Corp. NYC system used for 
hauling autos, there were two types, type ML tri-level flat was 
loaded with up to 15 vehicles and # 100-199 overall lenth 92'3".
Type ML Class TRI  # 900-1499 had an overall length 92'7". This 
information was obtained from " NYC color guide to freight and 
passenger equipment" ISBN 1-878887-30-0
The museum currently has two of these flats that were used to 
transport an idler car given to us by Conrail, car #CR45507, exPC, 

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> In respondce to this being a former EL employee I have always pictured a merger 
of the EL, D&H, B&M, Reading, LV as the more proper responce to the 
PC merger and the final PC takeover through Conrail. This would have 
kept a balance in the Northerastern US that has been missing since 
Conrail and the CSX/NS takeover is trying to put back in place. This 
would make a great idea for a model railroad. 
     I live in Colorado now, having gone to work for the BN after 
being Conjobed. Up until about 2 years ago would see PC and EL gons 
carrying scrap to the CF&I Steel Mill at Pueblo, Colorado. Now only 
see CR gons. Still see EL coal hoppers carrying anthracite coal to 

> >
> >> [Assume subsidized passenger operations and bail out loan to PC in 
> 1971]
> >>
> >> this worked and the PC survived.  Now, based upon these two major
> >> assumptions, model what a healthy PC would look like in 1998!
> >
> >C44-9W's in black and white worms hauling coalporters through central
> >PA.
> >
> >AMD103's in silver mist aluminum with black worms running the 20th 
> Century
> >past Croton Harmon, NY.
> >
> >An Operation Lifesaver SD60 with PC logos...
> >
> >SD80 & 90 MAC's pulling strings of auto racks out of Detroit
> >
> >PC divests itself of the New Haven branch and we see a return of the
> >McGinnis paint to New England.  (Guilford doesn't exist in my dream 
> world,
> >so the Red, Black and White FL9's would have "NH" on the side, not a 
> big
> >"G" )
> >
> >And finally...
> >
> >Reading the newspapers about the proposed Penn Central takeover of 
> >the failing CSX-NS merger.  :^)
> >
> >
> >Heck, we are fantasizing here, right?
> >
> >
> Suppose also that PC remained profitable, but Conrail took over 
> everybody else (e.g. LV, Reading, CNJ, et al.).  What would happen then?  
> Would PC be bidding on the remains of CR+CSX&NS?  Who knows, but it 
> would make an interesting modelling scenario! Imagine ex-CR, NS,and CSX 
> rolling stock with their logos replaced by PC worms!!!
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