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Re: PC: P&E

In a message to the Penn Central mailing list dated 27 February 1998, Ken
Thompson wrote:

<<  Any P&E fans out there? ...If anyone has ANY info on these subjects or the
P&E in general as far as motive power, train numbers, operations, send me an
E-mail. >>

  All I know about the P&E is what I recently came across in the Freight Cars
Journal publication, "Box Car Production 1963-1994," by David G. Casdorph.
  It lists 2 series of 50-foot boxcars with 10-foot wide doors that were given
NYC/PC/CR-type class designations:

class 943B series PE 4300-4349 blt 1964 by the Despatch Shops Inc.

class 944B series PE 4600-4699 blt 1964 by Pullman at Michigan City

  I'd be interested in learning more about what these cars looked like and
their later life with Penn Central and Conrail.

    Tom Jelinek
    Bx39crle -AT- aol.com

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