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Any P&E fans out there?  I model the Peoria, IL area in the early 70's and
would like to have some PC trains running in and out of town.  As far as I
know the P&E used GP7's that were numbered 5612-5623; 5624-5625 under the NYC
System and later became PC engines but am not sure if they were renumbered
into the PC.  According to the August '86 Prototype Modeler the GP7's retained
their NYC logos on their flanks but were adorned with PC logos on the ends.
There is a small photo of a lashup of PC geeps.  It's too small to see any of
the side lettering however.
 The P&E trains ran between East Peoria and Indianapolis and in the CR era
evidently carried the symbols PEIN/INPE.  The P&E also had a small batch of
SW7's of which there are two photos on the PC homepage.  
If anyone has ANY info on these subjects or the P&E in general as far as
motive power, train numbers, operations, send me an E-mail.

Ken Thompson

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