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Re: PC: U23B's and other trivia; was Internet Message

In a message dated 98-02-20 13:41:56 EST, you write:

> >The U23-28-30B/C all use the same bodies, doors and everything else 
>  >but HP difference. It would not be economical for GE nor anyother 
>  >manufacture to remove doors for a different model since all the 
>  >components are in the same location.
GE uses one door for every 2 power assemblies. A 6 cyl would have 3 doors
(U18B) An 8 Cyl would have 4 doors and a 12 cyl would have 6 doors. etc With
the common bodies for U23/28/30 B  models, it is a helpful form of
identification. The FDL engines contained within are all the same, excepting
the numbers of power assemblies.

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