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Re: PC: U23B's and other trivia; was Internet Message

In a message dated 98-02-20 09:42:30 EST, you write:

>The U23-28-30B/C all use the same bodies, doors and everything else 
>but HP difference. It would not be economical for GE nor anyother 
>manufacture to remove doors for a different model since all the 
>components are in the same location.

The U23 has fewer doors on the engine compartment. When GE got
to the four axle units of the Dash 8's they started making them with
different frames so a B32-8 is shorter than a B40-8, which is why using
a Walthers B40-8 to do a Norfolk Southern B32-8 doesn't cut it. But I
do digress from the Penn Centralness of our list. :^)

> GP38 even has the GP40's turbo blower 
>  duct on the left hood side even though it's not turbocharged. 

The blower bulge on the fireman's side of an EMD is the traction
motor duct for the rear truck; that's what the extra height on the
walkway is. It's standard on all EMD's from the 35 series on....


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