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Re: PC: Looking for freight cars

I just read somewhere on the net that the B&O Historical Society has some
interchange capable flats available for sale.  Dont remember where but it
is at least a place to start looking.  

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On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Christopher R. Hauf wrote:

> The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum (Rochester, NY) is looking
> to acquire through donation or purchase the following:
> - Up to four 40 to 60 foot box cars in interchangeable condition.
> 	- Roller bearing trucks
> 	- Operating sliding doors preferable, but not required
> 	- Wood or steel floors (nailable or non-nailable)
> 	- Wood lined or unlined walls   
> - 1 or 2 flat cars in interchangeable condition
> 	- Roller bearing trucks
> 	- 50 to 70 ton capacity
> 	- 40 to 55 feet in length
> 	- Wood deck
> - One gondola in interchangeable condition
> 	- Roller bearing trucks
> 	- 52 foot or smaller preferable
> 	While we were prefer the cars have some historic significance to the
> railroads that served or still serving our area (NYC, Erie, EL, PC, CR,
> DL&W, LV, B&O), built in our area (Despatch Car Shops, East Rochester, NY)
> or owned by companies from our geographic area (MDT, etc.), the pedigree of
> the car is not critical since these cars will be used for storage to free
> up some of our current historic freight cars for displays and some will be
> used in work train service on our museum's demonstration railroad.   
> 	We are trying to minimize acquisition and movement costs, therefore we
> would like to keep transportation distances down, however, we will consider
> any possibilities.   We are willing to put work into the cars, but are
> hoping to find cars which can be moved to our site by rail with reasonable
> ease and minimal work prior to movement.   We would prefer to find cars
> which could be donated, however, we are willing to purchase them.   All
> donations are tax-deductible since we are a non-profit organization and
> have IRS 501(c)(3).   
> 	If anyone has any leads on any or all of the cars we are looking for, I
> would greatly appreciate hearing about them.   Please drop me an email at
> crhauf -AT- frontiernet.net  
> 	Thanks!
> Until later,
> Chris Hauf
> Freight Superintendent
> Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum
> A project of the Rochester Chapter NRHS
> http://www.rochester.ny.us/railmuseum.html
> crhauf -AT- frontiernet.net	

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