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PC: Looking for freight cars

The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum (Rochester, NY) is looking
to acquire through donation or purchase the following:

- Up to four 40 to 60 foot box cars in interchangeable condition.
	- Roller bearing trucks
	- Operating sliding doors preferable, but not required
	- Wood or steel floors (nailable or non-nailable)
	- Wood lined or unlined walls   

- 1 or 2 flat cars in interchangeable condition
	- Roller bearing trucks
	- 50 to 70 ton capacity
	- 40 to 55 feet in length
	- Wood deck

- One gondola in interchangeable condition
	- Roller bearing trucks
	- 52 foot or smaller preferable

	While we were prefer the cars have some historic significance to the
railroads that served or still serving our area (NYC, Erie, EL, PC, CR,
DL&W, LV, B&O), built in our area (Despatch Car Shops, East Rochester, NY)
or owned by companies from our geographic area (MDT, etc.), the pedigree of
the car is not critical since these cars will be used for storage to free
up some of our current historic freight cars for displays and some will be
used in work train service on our museum's demonstration railroad.   

	We are trying to minimize acquisition and movement costs, therefore we
would like to keep transportation distances down, however, we will consider
any possibilities.   We are willing to put work into the cars, but are
hoping to find cars which can be moved to our site by rail with reasonable
ease and minimal work prior to movement.   We would prefer to find cars
which could be donated, however, we are willing to purchase them.   All
donations are tax-deductible since we are a non-profit organization and
have IRS 501(c)(3).   
	If anyone has any leads on any or all of the cars we are looking for, I
would greatly appreciate hearing about them.   Please drop me an email at
crhauf -AT- frontiernet.net  


Until later,
Chris Hauf
Freight Superintendent
Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum
A project of the Rochester Chapter NRHS
crhauf -AT- frontiernet.net	

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