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Re: PC: PC U25B #2656

At 09:10 AM 2/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I was wondering if anybody could let me know what the phase of this U25B
>is. I was looking at a picture of it last night, and it has the split
>windshield, but I can't determine the kind of nose that it has, due to the
>angle of the photo. I have pics of #2612, and it appears to be a Phase II,
>large windshield, early nose. The 2656 may be from a later PRR purchase,
>and I know that some units had the single windshield replaced by a split
>one, due to replacement cost savings. Any PRR experts among us?

  #2656 was originally PRR #2656 purchased between 11/65 and 12/65.  These
were late production U25b's with the split windshields.  Prr #2656 became
PC #2656 became CR #2656, scrapped 1987 by Conrail.  Later....

S.A. McCall  HOSAM
Franklin, Va.

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