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Re: PC: PC Equipment in Movies

> I believe that there are two other movies with PC equipment shown in them.
> "The Out of Towners" had a shot with FL-9s, and "The Friends of Eddie
> Coyle" had an RDC in it, if only noticed in the background (on the Franklin
> branch, if I recall correctly. I forget which station the filming took
> place at ).

I'll have to rummage through my slides, but I have a couple of shots
of a film crew working at the Katonah, NY station  (Harlem line) in the
late 70' early 80' time frame.  I think the movie period was mid to late
50's judging from the actors/actresses dress and vehicles they had as

I don't recall if a train was involved in the plot, but I think an ex-PC
station qualifies as PC equipment. If a train was to be used that was
correct for the period, it would need to be NYC RS-3's and the dark green
NYC heavyweight coaches.

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