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Re: PC: Another stray...

In a message dated 97-11-07 16:17:22 EST, you write:

> Hi gang...
>      Spotted yesterday (11/6/97 @ 12:20 p.m.) in the consist of a westbound
>   (mixed freight) on Conrail at Mentor, Ohio:
>                   PC 50 ft. gondola # 598594 in PC-green paint with PC
>                   and car # stencilled on in white over a black rectangular
>                   background. As you might expect, the car looked very
>                   beat, and the fresh stencils (why not CR?) might have
>                   the result of an offline clerk's frustration at trying to

>                   read the numbers through the rust, resulting in some
>                   mask/spray work by the local car dept....just a guess, 
>                   though! 
>                   As with the covered hopper I saw last month, no evidence 
>                   of CR markings.
>   Bob Rothrock (bobr -AT- tridelta.com)

Hi Bob,
            Illegible reporting marks and numbers are an FRA defect
and may be repainted by another RR ( and the work is chargable
to the owning RR, which doesn't hurt <G>). And if another RR does
the work they wouldn't change the marks to CR, just renew them
with the original road's. They should stenciled rather than spray
painted although I've seen some quickie jobs done w/ spray cans
( probably borrowed from a local tagger!). Redoing the herald would
be going a bit further than required, must have been a railfan ;^).

Doug Trueblood

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