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PC: Another stray...

Hi gang...
    Spotted yesterday (11/6/97 @ 12:20 p.m.) in the consist of a westbound
 (mixed freight) on Conrail at Mentor, Ohio:
                 PC 50 ft. gondola # 598594 in PC-green paint with PC herald
                 and car # stencilled on in white over a black rectangular
                 background. As you might expect, the car looked very
                 beat, and the fresh stencils (why not CR?) might have been
                 the result of an offline clerk's frustration at trying to 
                 read the numbers through the rust, resulting in some hasty 
                 mask/spray work by the local car dept....just a guess, 

                 As with the covered hopper I saw last month, no evidence 
                 of CR markings.

 Bob Rothrock (bobr -AT- tridelta.com)

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