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PC: Juniata Scales class yd

   As most know that some years ago the former Hill yd at E.Altoona, as it was called, from old FARM to "ANTIS" was removed.This was the east end of the yd and was the E.B. departure yd going out at "ANTIS" ( "EF"-Elizabeth Furnace in case you were wondering Ernie Clausing).
   Today there is only one full track of stored cars in the old scale class yd east of the former Juniata scales.
All the other tracks have had the cars removed. Looks like the local MW dept is doing some track work so access can be had to the last track of cars. This track was damaged when about 8 high cube box cars derailed at the west end about two years ago and were cut up on the spot by a contractor.Looks as if they may have to do a cut and throw or spots ties enough and gage to retrieve the cars off the track.When this is done the long time Scale yd will be empty.Those traveling through the area may want to get pictures. Hard to say when something will be done with the yd by NS but I am positive that a portion may be ripped up at some time.
   Rumors at one time had NS may repair a few for storage or rehab two tracks and build additional track to be able to run relay trains from WORKS to ANTIS around the back of ROSE through this yd. These track had barely seen any work since the hump closed under Penn Central.
        You may want to get pictures of CP ROSE from the 8th St bridge,as a rumor flying around may have the two powered remote sws from ALTO being made for hand operation. These two power sws are what remained after the original yd track arrangement had the power sws at old "ROSE" yd tower and crew office removed under Penn Central and remaining track rearrainged somewhat and remaining sws being hand operated as it is seen today with only a couple minor changes.
Pat McKinney
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