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PC: Re: Penn Central Digest V9 #38

I have pay stubs from the big 4 1930ism worth anything???

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 7:12 PM, Penn Central Digest <owner-penn-central@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Penn Central Digest    Wednesday, November 11 2009    Volume 09 : Number 038

 Subjects in this issue:
    Re: PC: Sam Rea green vs. Dispatch green
    Re: PC: Sam Rea green vs. Dispatch green
    PC: OTHER ITEMS for SALE  Nov. 1st,09
    PC: PC ITEMS for SALE   Nov. 1st,09
    PC: Veterans Day


Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 19:39:24 -0400
From: "Philip  Kuhl" <pjkuhl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: PC: Sam Rea green vs. Dispatch green

Remember that it's Despatch, not Dispatch.  Despatch Shops were named =
after the town in which they were located:  Despatch, New York.  The =
town subsequently changed its name to the current "East Rochester."

Phil Kuhl


Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 22:43:45 -0400
From: zootowerprr@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: PC: Sam Rea green vs. Dispatch green

  Thanks for the correction. We got the right shade of green with the
wrong word on the box...we'd never hear the end of that.



Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 08:55:55 EST
From: PKMac101@xxxxxxx
Subject: PC: OTHER ITEMS for SALE  Nov. 1st,09

         Good time to get  those items of interst as the Christmas season
is about 7 weeks away.

Please contact OFF LIST with the above subject with questions.  Prices DO
incl shp. A couple of the items are big and heavy. Responses will be as
soon as possible.

PRR CT 1000E,Nov 1,1945 - good cond,small tear on rear spine,indentation
and scuff marks
       on front cover from being stored  with other items,insides pages
excellent cond,no marks,
       appears not to have been  used.  $50
PRR CT 1000E Nov 1,1945 - excellent cond   $80

PRR CT 1000C Nov 1,1945 - V G  used cond,employee name  inside   $80
PRR CT 1000W Nov 1,1945 - excellent cond,appears unused except for  name
       very hard book to find for  west end of PRR   $95
PRR Station Plans Book,Various  stations  East of Pgh,early 1900's,xerox of
orig book   $25

PRR Altoona Shops &  Yards,1905,Shows shop layout & complete yd,xerox of
orig. book   $15

PRR Pittsburgh Division  Interlocking Diagrams, copied from 1913 ETT, 49
pgs,8-1/2 x 11,   $25
PRR Trenton Div Intls,Draw  Brdgs & Trolley Xings, copied from 1915 ETT, 45
pgs,8-1/2 x  11  $25
PRR Copy of Map of 1881  MainLine from Alt. to Johnstown,Alleg. Portage RR
&  inclines,
New Portage Br,Blue  print copied from original linen.  $9

PRR Land Book of 1890 for South West Pennsylvania  RailWay, This railroad
line is what became
the Southwest Br.from  Greensburg,Pa southward,acquired land deed info.

PRR CT1515 Qualification Card-New,never  issued  $5
PRR MW200 Machinery Qualification Card- New,never  issued  $5
PRR MW52(D) Manual of Instructions for MW Equip. NO COVER,
dated 1-1-60,very good cond.  $20
PRR Gen. Notice No. 207-B,  Clearances,7-1-1966, Excellent Cond.   $25
PRR Demurrage Card-pad,  unused  $3

PRR Application for Position-Pad of 100 unused,for bidding  on jobs  $3
PRR Deposit Slip book-Pad,unused  $3
PRR PENNSY magizine,some but not all,check   $7ea.
PRR Annual reports - condensed version - 1953,56,57,58, 61,63,65,66 - $15ea
PRR Annual reports - full statistical version - 1954,55,57 - $30
PRR Stock Certificates - Orange, less than 100 shares or
                                    Green,100 shares. Horseshoe curve
scene   $5ea.
PRR Diesel Elec.Road Loco Opr Instructions,6-2-49,no diagrams,instr only
and trouble shooting,
       covers first purchases of  Alco,Blw,EMD,FM coverd wagons, 11
sections of info,
       Good used  cond    $35
PRR Loco. Test Plant Book #19,test of K29,1914.inside good,cover  brittle

PRR Pgh. Reg. ETT No.1, 4-29-56, G.O.'s,G used cond,soiled  cover   $30
PRR Pgh. Reg  ETT No.6, 10-28-58,G.O.'s,G used cond,soiled cover   $30

PRR Pgh. Reg. ETT No.9, 4-24-60,  G.O.'s,G used cond,soiled cover  $30  (2)
PRR Pgh. Reg. ETT  No.10,10-30-60,G.O,'s,G used cond,soiled cover,  $30
PRR Pgh. Reg.  ETT No.11,10-29-61,VG used cond,w/G.O.'s   $30 (2)
PRR Cond & Trainman wallet,a very hard leather,gold  lettering   $15
PRR Cond & trainman wallet,soft blk leather,gold lettering,   $30

PRR TRAINMAN hat badge, Good used  cond.,some loss of red enamel   $45

PRR   Hiring Manual - Nov,1956 Very good cond, $13
PRR Elec. Opr. Inst.,1960  rev.,VG cond, unissued   $9

PRR Storage stamps for baggage-full book of  100 - 5 cents, 35 cents,  $10
PRR Grab bag assrtmnt of over 23  items in brown interoffice evlp or Lrg
white evlp  -   $12
PRR  I REMEMBER PENNSY,by Don Wood,2nd Ed,DJ fair,Book in VG  cond.  -  $30
PRR THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD 1940s-1950s,by Don Ball Jr.,1st Ed,all color
           DJ fair  w/some folding and a tear,Book V.G. cond.   $40
PRR Scenic guide with map on reverse side.VG cond.  $25
PRR  Coverdale & Colpitts 4 Vol. PRR Corp. Hist.,books in avg  cond,email
for details.
         Excellent source for  history of any line,shops,improvements that
made up the PRR
         up to 1945. Set was  for V.P. in Chicago, IL.   SERIOUS INQUIRIES
ONLY.  $1,400
PRR Letter head blank sheets with logo and name, 10pcs    $4
PRR First Aid kit,metal,gray/silver with red keystone and  lettering, good
used cond - $75
PRR Name tag,keystone shape w/rectangle across center,white w/red
border,peel off back - $2
PRR Brass switch lever,No. 15, from PRR  "WORKS"  tower in Altoona, $45

PRR Brass Sig.Dept( P.R.R. S.D.) lock,Good used cond, from rundown
         and US&S intl  machine beds,in working order  NO KEY  $  40

PRR 40 year Silver service  pin,VG cond.     $40
PRR 25 year Bronze service pin,VG cond      $30
PRR Leg straps for employees paints, Black w/ yellow letering PRR SAFETY
FIRST  $10
PRR Flag & Fusee Case, Good used cond,paint chipped from  use   $45
PRR Hand cart for handling frt & baggage,Marked PRR Huntingdon Frt  Sta.
       YOU MUST  PICK UP,Item to big and heavy to shp   $350
PRR N-Scale ConCor,Ltd Edition,Erie Builds, Hwt cars  with keystones, Psgr
Set,no track or power pack

PRR Corner brackets from X29 MW yellow box car for mounting marker,two
different styles, a bit hard to
       describe. each was welded  to car and were burned around bracker as
best can be to not cut  into
       bracket. Will require a good  deal of grinding away of old car
side, rusty w/some
       yellow paint still showing   $25 ea

PRR Small bulls eye maker lens and socket from the end of a PRR  B74b,also
same type as on
       B60b and P70 along with various  smooth side pullmans,rusty,needs
part of car body burned
       and ground off of fixture,still  has MW yellow on it plus lead wire
out from the back. Not
       checked to see if operational as  bulb is probably burned out.  $50

PRR Pinacle cap for on top of position light signal masts,short style, 6
in.dia, fits
       over pipe 5 to 5-1/2 in  dia,approx 5-3/8 tall. Bolt to tighten
against pipe rusted    $50

PRR  130lb PS small rail section,good for door stops,has bolt hole  drilled
in it,approx 4 in  $30
Horseshoe Curve Beer labels   $  1.25

Thank you,

Pat McKinney
_PKMac101@xxxxxxxx (mailto:PKMac101@xxxxxxx)


Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 08:56:07 EST
From: PKMac101@xxxxxxx
Subject: PC: PC ITEMS for SALE   Nov. 1st,09

     Good time to get those items of interst as  the Christmas season is
about 7 weeks away.
  Please contact OFF LIST with the above subject with questions.  Prices
incl shp. A couple of the items are big and heavy. Responses will be as
soon as possible.

PC  System Map  $ 10
PC  1969 Annual Report-Fair cond-water marks on cover only  $5
PC  POST, Some but  not all,check            $3ea
PC Cent. Reg. ETT No.4   5-1-70,New,no G.O.'s  $17
PC Cent.  Reg. ETT No.4  5-1-70,with G.O.'s  $15
PC Leather Conductors Wallet, used but still nice  cond  $18
PC MW1-New  Unused   $16
PC MW4-Used but  excellent cond,field notes on some pages,1section
for  inspection,2nd section for construction    $12
PC Grab Bag assrmnt of 14 items in Lrg PC 11 x 14 envlp  - $12
PC MW4 - New cond,no  cover  $10
PC MW4 - New  Cond,unused    $14
PC  Letter Opener   $12
PC  Measuring Tape, 71 inches     $12
PC Hand towel,Green logo and name sewn in -  $18
PC  Conductor Hat Badge-  Excellent Cond -  $45
PC Stainless  steel water can with out lid, VG used cond  $40
PC  Battery Flashing Marker,used cond,needs  piece on back to hang in slot

CR System Map   $15
CR  C&S Signal plans,Blue CR logo on cover,NEW,not issued  $90
CR Conductors Hat Badge,Excllent cond       $45
CR Lapel pins for Cond. &  Trainman uniform   $40pr
CR  Annual Report-1982,83,85,86,87  $12ea
CR MW-4,NEW,never used, excellent cond., w/screw  post   $28
CR N-Scale,Ltd  Edition,ConCor  Conrail Inspection Train,Engined test run
only,no track or power pack
      $  225

Pullman Hand Towel,has PC & UP logo stamped in black ink over  ea.other,gd
cond -  $18
Pullman Hwt Psgr Door latches,Brass,Working but need cleaning and some
mechenism work  $ 35
Unmarked Long neck Journal oil can,good used cond. -  $30
Unmarked STARR Car Insp blue  lite,non-Flashing,orange body - $20
Unmarked Car Insp Flashing Blue Light,Flashlite  style body,magnetic base -

Thank you,

Pat McKinney


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 19:12:16 EST
From: PKMac101@xxxxxxx
Subject: PC: Veterans Day

Although not exactly railroad topic related but needs to be mentioned
today.  Railroad related now buy thanking those that are retired
railroaders,current railroaders and modelers who have  served, those presently on active
duty and overseas and our active  reserve men and women.
   THANK YOU to all our VETERANS.

Pat McKinney


End of Penn Central Digest V9 #38

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