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PC: A "Penn Central System" gondola?

Okay, PC photo nuts, here's a new mystery to solve. I got this e-mail by 
a visitor to my Penn Central Railroad Online web site. I've never heard 
of this lettering variation, although as we all know, you can "never say 
never" when it comes to Penn Central. :)

Anyone ever seen such a car? I'd like to reply to this fellow with a 
more definitive answer than "duh, I dunno." Plus, now this has *me* curious.


-------- Original Message --------
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 02:55:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: sjwrr -AT- aol.com (Steve Weiss)

I distinctly remember seeing a PC gondola lettered "Penn Central System" 
with the word "System" in the same PC slanted letter style as the rest 
of the name.  I have not seen this recorded in any of the PC books.  Do 
you know of anyone who knows about this version and how many cars were 
so lettered?  I saw the car on a westbound freight train on the former 
Panhandle route just west of Newark, Ohio in April-May of 1977.

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