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PC: PC "Redteam" at PRRT&HS Convention in Philly.

 Hello PC Gang....

       Well, I must say that I had a great time hanging out with PCRRHS
members Jerry Jordak,Chip Syme,Ross Jack,Mike Bradley.and Rusty Donald
at the PRR Annual Meet. No matter what, a PRRT&HS slide show will never
beat a PCRRHS slide show. Chip and I were falling asleep through some of
the shows. That could never happen at one of our "ass cranking" slide
       It was good seeing my fellow "Red Team" members. We took some
photos with all of us together and they should make the "Post" I proudly
wore my "Trailvan Service" T- shirt to rally the troops. See you in
Springfield with the "Green Team"

       Dave Hopson

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