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PC: NYC/PC wreck photos

I have added a number of photos to the Maurice Lewman's photo
page, 'Michigan Division, North' page. This includes photos of 
three wrecks on the Michigan Division in Indiana. He is working 
on a 'wrecks' page write up and I have many more photos of 
the NYC to scan and put up as well as several stories from 
him on steam operation and more.

It just takes time, but we'll get there. :-)
In the meantime, stop by the RRs of Madison County site at: 
http://madisonrails.railfan.net/ go to the photo album page and 
take the Michigan Division, North link near the top of the page.


Roger Hensley

=== Central Indiana Division, NMRA ===
=== http://cid.railfan.net/ ===

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