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PC: Scalecoat #34 PC green

The PCRRHS has made arrangments with Weaver Models / Scalecoat to make #34 PC Green.  This would be for Scalecoat 1 and or 2.

Now the big question - how much demand is there waiting out there?

Recently I painted a sample of the PC green by Badger and Scalecoat on piece of brass. Both looked good to me since I feel there were different shades of the green. The Badger looked newer, brighter. The Scalecoat looked a touch weathered or grayer. Both look good to me.

The question is not what color was PC green but how much market is out there.

I would love to hear from folks off list, but I know many will reply on list. I will also post this to Jerry's list. I'll keep everyone informed.

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