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Re: PC: RE: warning - Consider the other side

Hi all--I would also add that communicating with the RR police is vital. Even if you are already well-known to your local railroad police, it is wise to contact them before going out to shoot pics. If you get hassled by other police, at least the RR police who know you could have a chance to vouch for you. I have contacted the CSX police where I am, and they are still friendly, but have advised me the last two weeks to hold off and to re-contact them in a week. They are not averse to we local railfans, but they aren't going to jeopardize safety or their own jobs for us to get some pics. Things will settle down a lot over the next few weeks, and we can certainly be patient.
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Subject: Re: PC: RE: warning - Consider the other side

I'm a CSX dispatcher in Jacksonville; I got my start on the old PC in Maryland.  I can tell you that crews ARE reporting trespassers on the right of way like never before.  All of the previous posts make sense, and hopefully the railroads will some day come to see railfans as assistance rather than a nuisance.  However, given the current environment we are in, I would strongly recommend keeping your activities to public (i.e. non-railroad) property.  Fortunately there are a growing number of places where our activities are welcomed.  Examples are the Horse Shoe Curve park and the park in Gallitzin near the tunnel portals.  And if you see any suspicious activity, call the railroad police.  Both CSX and NS (owners of the PC tracks) have 800 numbers you can call.  CSX-1-800-232-0144   NS-1-800-453-2530

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