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Re: PC: RE: warning - Consider the other side

      A CSX derailment in Baltimore some time after the NY disaster had RR and other police suspicious of a couple of people out on the RR bridge where the derailment happened taking pictures of eveything around there at the time. Later the two people were being questioned and soon found out that they were some of the people that authorities have been looking for on the terrorist list.
  Everyone is a suspect to RR police. Even the rail fan that they see from time to time and may recognize the face is suspicious to them. I fully understand the concern. Try being the railroad employee out there doing his job thinking in the back of his mind when he sees a person walking along the R/W,taking pictures or some place where you don't normally see people. That goes through my mind every day with all that great things that the railroad moves on it tracks. Hazardous materials,chemicals,compounds,LPG,fuels,etc. Just look at some of the tank cars that go by and read the contents, if you can pronounce them.

An M of W employee

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