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Re: PC: RE: warning (Long)

Damn thats big print!
Keep your rails shiny!
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Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2001 5:17 AM
Subject: Re: PC: RE: warning (Long)

You and I know all of that. The point being made is real! The RR Police will not allow any non-railroad authorized activity to take place...PERIOD! This is real serious stuff. On my rounds, every night, as a Police Officer, I run across lots of RR police.
Luckily, I'm driving a Police car. BUT...If you actually sit back and take a look at what security has been in place.
You can actually see the vulnerabilities. I believe that in these times,  we, as railfans, owe it to the railroads that we so dearly love, to give them the means to protect themselves from a possible senseless attack by thugs, criminals and murders who have no value for life and would take you, me and the RR Police with them in the name of an Allah who does not condone thier strategies. We're not dealing with rational people here. They're fanatics and that's what makes the difference. The RR Police...who know who we are...will appreciate us more if we make their job a little bit easier and either check in at the Yard office or avoid their property altogether pro tempore.

Just some professional words of advice
Ed St. George

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