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Re: PC: Amtrak Engine #226 Makes Last Trip

Just a follow up. Recently I was in Chicago, photographing Amtrak from a few
places that I have found that seem to have good angles, decent light, and not on
RR property. A UP RR cop pulled up and told me I was on railroad property. He
was nice about it. I told him I did not think the location I was on was UP
property, that I normally try not to trespass and apologized. He was nice about
it and besides, if I was on RR property, I was wrong.

It would not have done me any good to good to have debated the point. I am sure
that since I was nice ( and not seriously wrong ) he was nice.

BUT recent events have raised the bar on everything. Lets all be careful out
there and watch real and potential property lines and, as always, BE SAFE and
keep photographing the rails.

Jim Hebner

chukkster wrote:
> Also, for any of you rail fans that go on CSX property to watch or
> photograph trains. Be very careful, a special notice has been issued
> that any unauthorized personal will be removed and prosecuted for
> trespassing.
> Chuck
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> <"mailto:chukkster@earthlink.net";>

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