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Re: PC: Re: Penn Central Police patch

> I poked around ebay to see how easy it is to report violations 

SafeHarbor -AT- eBay.com
They're usually pretty good about ending auctions if your explanation of
what is wrong is clear enough for the person reading the message (who may
know nothing on the subject.) 

Another thing to report is key word spam, where the seller lists lots of
unrelated terms in his description to fool extra searches; notice how
some items have a complete history of U.S. railroading in the description
so they will show up in almost any search?

I've generally had very good experiences on eBay after being involved as
a buyer and seller in hundreds of transactions. I've only had a handful
of bad experiences and they were all in very small transactions, and for
every one of these their have been dozens of transactions that exceeded
my expectations.

Bryan Turner

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