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PC: PC Railroader / Rails NE - for sale

I accidentally tried to post this twice yesterday because our computers were having major problems of their own.


Many of you are probably familiar with these two sellers.  If not, here is some information that might be useful to list members.

If you are interested, a gentleman is selling several issues of PC Railroader (Vol3 #2 (Mar-Apr '75), Vol3 #5 (Sept-Oct '75), Vol3 #6 (Nov-Dec '75) for a total of $20.

He is also selling a complete set of Rails Northeast (94 issues) for $295 or about $3.15 per issue, considerably less than they get at train shows ($4 - $6).  See his sale at http://home.att.net/~jrmilnot/#mags  I do not know him and am not affiliated with him.  I have purchased from him before (Yanosey's Penn Central Power).  He provided a quality product in a reasonable time.  

If you are interested in single issues of Rails NE or almost every other used rr magazine (plus hundreds of used rr books), try Paul Gibson at http://railpub.com  Again, I do not know him personally nor am I affiliated with his company.  I present this strictly for informational purposes.  Mr. Gibson provides excellent service and quality products. 

Also, check out Mr. Gibson's spring newsletter at http://www.railpub.com/newsletters/01Spring.pdf for a detailed issue guide to PC Railroader, Rails NE, and Pennsy Journal.  There is contact info for a gentleman who put together a detailed index of these magazines if you are interested.

Bob Holzweiss 

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