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Re: PC: FlexiVans to TrailVans

My memories tell me it must have been some time between 1971 and 1972, at 
least up on the NYC mainline part of PC.  I do recall them running Flexis on 
mail trains on the PRR side for a while after the merger.  I think the one 
thing that did them in was the railroads lost the mail contracts back in, I 
believe, 1971, but I could be wrong.  Plus, the Flexi - Van was such a 
captive - use type thing, what with having to have the rear wheelsets 
postioned at terminals if you wanted to use their over the road services.  
The PRR being the surviving company in the PC merger I think played a major 
role in deciding to go with the trailers vs. the container, because that was 
always their thing.  Also, the PRR was a part owner in Trailer Train and 
they probably needed to protect their investments to a degree.  One note - 
PRR did have a small set of Flexi Van trailers and cars for their mail on a 
few trains, as did IC, CB&Q, and of course, the NYC.

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>Subject: PC: FlexiVans to TrailVans
>Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 14:28:12
>Looking for information regarding the time frame when PC switched from 
>the flexi-vans to trailers on the mail trains.
>Steve Hipes
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