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PC: It's Not Too Late To Order The N7 Caboose

I have been getting quite a number of e-mails the last few days from
people asking if it's too late to order the NYC/PC/CR/IT/NW, etc.
N7 bay window caboose.  
The answer is you can order this caboose now and in a couple of
weeks from now you may even see it stocked in your favorite hobby
shop.  If you would like to inform dealers of this upcoming release
please tell them to contact me.  Dealer inquiries are welcome!
I am looking into getting linked up with PayPal and will be taking
credit card orders as soon as I am set up with them.
So if you think the chance has passed you by, don't worry.
You can still order them.
I won't bore you all with the prices and quantity discounts that
you've seen before.  
If you aren't familiar with this project or if you don't know about
my prices for this kit, please contact me off list and I will get all
the pertinent information out to you.
My e-mail address is:
wrights -AT- hemc.net
Thanks to everyone who has supported this project by buying 
these cabooses.  Your continued support of this company will
mean more and more high quality, affordable, and easy to build
kits will be forthcoming in the future.  I think each new announcement
will get you all more and more excited as they will be offerings that
have never been done before in plastic or resin.  
Until the next new model announcement (coming very soon!)
Gary Wright
Wright Track Model Trains and Custom Painting
886 Rocky Branch Road
Clarkesville, GA  30523
wrights -AT- hemc.net

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