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Re: PC: Athearn PC boxcars and the PCRRHS

OstlingerFrank -AT- netscape.net wrote:

> Also, I've been trying to log on to the PCRRHS web site, but I'm not able to get through - is it down? The URL I'm using is www.pcrrhs.org.

I just checked it, and something seems to be messed up with DNS from the 
web hosting provider. I've been gone all week at the PCRRHS convention, so 
I didn't notice it this week. Wait until tomorrow afternoon and see if they 
get it fixed. In the meantime, I'll check it tomorrow and send them a note 
if it doesn't come back up.

BTW, it was an *awesome* convention! Many kudos to Chuck French and his 
friends at Amtrak and CSX for a great three days. Those of you who didn't 
go missed a great time. More on that later, as I'm heading for 
bed....driving all the way back from Albany has me pretty tired...


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