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PC: Wright Track NYC N7 Decals

For those who have inquired about the NYC decals that I will
be offering with the N7 caboose, they are for the jade green
cars only.  This set has three different sizes of the "cigar band"
herald.  It also includes the "ROAD TO THE FUTURE" slogan.
This set is incredibly crisp and accurate (as the set for the
PC cabooses).  Keep this in mind when requesting NYC decals
with your caboose kits.  They are for the jade green cars.
If you are planning on painting your caboose in the as delivered
brown scheme order those decals from Champ.
I'll check with Jim Kosty and see if he has decals for the brown
car also.  If you are familiar with his custom set made by Rail 
Graphics you know of the excellent quality of these sets.
Thanks for your inquiries!
Gary Wright
Wright Track Model Trains and Custom Painting
886 Rocky Branch Road
Clarkesville, GA  30523
wrights -AT- hemc.net

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