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Re: PC: Mr. Jamison

<<<Unfortunately I won't be attending the convention this year. 
  I have a good possibility of being laid off from work at the
beginning of Oct and I need to save on money. 
  So it comes down to I can't really afford to go this year.>>>

Oh Boy. Sorry to hear that. I hope it will not come to that.
You will be missed, but hopefully next year we will meet up.

<<<  You have my permission to use my vote as a proxy vote. Vote as
you see fit. 

The By-Laws require a written permission for proxy vote. I think that
implies "written so the Society is aware of it" type of thing.
I do not know the technical stuff, but if you wish to be represented as
such, I suggest posting to the PClist with your request, and I will do
it Will, no prob.
 It may not look so good if it came from me.


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