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Re: PC: RS-3m's and H-24-66's

I'm trying to distract myself from the situation in America at this moment
by organizing future modelling projects.  However, my research ran into a
dead end, so I am asking for help from the group.

Q1:  PC shopped several RS-3's at Altoona.  The ALCO engine was removed and
surplus EMD prime movers were installed, creating RS-3m's.  (This was done
at the DeWitt Shops as well, but I am interested in the Altoona versions.)
Initially, the entire short hood was cut off creating a visual abomination.
Did Altoona create any RS-3m's and not mess with the short hood?

Q2:  Did any of the short-lived Fairbanks Morse TrainMasters (H-24-66)
receive a Penn Central paint job or were they retired in PRR livery?

Thanks, in advance, for any help.

Robin L. Harris

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