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Re: PC: PC Lettering Style

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000 08:47:35 EDT, penn-central -AT- smellycat.com wrote:

>  The Athearn GP-38-2 that they did in PC as well as the Atlas U33C don't
look "right" to me.  Did the Penn Central have more than one typeface/font
that they used for the lettering and numbers?
>  A Olsen

According to the pictures of Penn Central Power...
 The E44s had a more rhomboidal appearance than the normal lettering style.
Another electric anomaly was the use of the ovoid New York Central typeface
on the S2 units. Even odder of the S motors was unit 4715's use of NYC-type
lettering and PC numbers.
 H16-44 5158 was the only engine to have huge slanted numbers under the cab
 When Penn Central and Lehigh Valley juggled RS3's for trade in, the former
LV Alcos had "Penn Central" marked on the hood in very ordinary looking
small letters. Basically enough to imply ownership and that's all.
 The last U30Cs and first U33Cs had very thin, slightly smaller than Pennsy
sized numbering.
 I have seen pictures of at least one Fairbanks-Morse switcher with a
rhomboid instead of rectangular herald, but I'm unable to nail down an
example. They are out there, though.
 I hope this helps. 

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