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PC: Stewart RS-12/DRS-4-4-10

I have taken the opportunity at my hobby shop job to examine the recent
re-release of the HO scale Stewart Baldwin RS-12 road switcher.  It is
available in three paint schemes of interest to PC modelers - NYC, PRR, and
PC.  For what it's worth, here's what I found.

The drive is Stewart's new Kato/Atlas-clone, which is a dream.  It is
perhaps a little fast at upper voltage ranges.  A circuit board with diode
directional lighting sits atop the motor.  Headlight illumination is
provided by two yellow LEDs, but the LED for the front end is mounted
vertically, and as a result is not as bright as the rear.

 Baldwin built the DRS-4-4-1000 and the RS-12 in indistinguishable
carbodies.  The short hood was designed to hold steam generating equipment,
but was taller than the long hood in those cases.  The Stewart version has
both hoods the same height.  Stewart has, so far, released the following:

PRR, road number 9276 making it a DRS-4-4-10.  In the prototype, this unit
had a high short hood.

NYC, road number 6226 making it an RS-12.  All NYC RS-12's had steam
generators, so the short hood on the model is inaccurate.

PC, road number 8300 making it a DRS-4-4-10.  This version is an accurate
match to the prototype.

Robin L. Harris

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