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Re: PC: Re: coal hoppers

The LL hoppers can be upgraded by lowering the truck mounts, replacing
the long grab irons on the corners with wire, adding a decent brakewheel
and trucks along with body mounted kadees. Our club has a bunch that look
pretty good!


Lon Godshall wrote:

> Paul:
> <<<Greetings,
> While watching a tape of the Penn Central I noticed a train of yellow
> hoppers from the Peabody Coal Company. I would like to know if anyone
> has HO scale modeling information about these cars.
> Thanks guys!
> Paul Patalano>>>
> Lon:
> If you can get me reporting marks, I can check ORER.
> Otherwise, the cheapest, easiest way is to get LifeLike hoppers. They
> sell Peabody  100 tonners. I just seen them at a show for $2.
> As far as quality...
> Lon

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