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PC: [Fwd: Need some R.I. Info]

Hey listers,

I received the following as part of the usual variety of e-mail I get
from running the PC web site. Anyone have answers for Henry? I have no
idea myself. (Maybe some of you local Rhode Island guys who have been
chatting about the RPO in Providence might know.)

As an aside, as of today, the Penn Central Mailing List has 200
subscribers! Thanks to all of you who have made the PC List an active
source of information and discussion for PC fans everywhere.


"henry coleman" <henry_coleman -AT- hotmail.com> wrote:

> I was wOndering if you could give me any information on the Penn Central in
> Rhode Island?  Did it ever run on the Pontiac Secondary/ PawtuxetRiver
> Valley Branch, Washington Secondary/Branch or on the
> Providence,Bristol/Warren line? Any information would be greatly
> appreciated. Thank you.  Henry Coleman.

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